Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's back!

The crud....

Is back. Are you kidding me????

Tonsils are huge, hurt like a son of a gun, my head is full of pressure and with that comes pounding pains. My back hurts, and my chest hurts, espescially when I take a deep breathe. Did I mention that I have a nifty little chill filled fever?

So...dont all jump in at once, but who wants to come tend to Blue Bunny while I attempt to mend far away from him??? Yes it has to be at my house..... Have boob, must stay. He still wont take a bottle of milk.

Do you think the hospital gives adults all the popcicles they want after a tonsilectomy? If so..sign me up yesterday!!!


  1. oh no wiggie must have swine flu from those farmtown piggies. i knew there was something wrong with them by the way they flop over....

  2. Girlie you know I'm always willing. Unfortunately I do have to work. Sorry. =(

  3. HA HA...

    so in reference to my last line in my last blog.
    The doctor signed me up...yesterday!

    AYE YI YI!!

  4. We're coming up on a month now with no new blog posting! Just thought I'd be the little birdie that lets you know!!!