Monday, April 27, 2009

In Due time...


My most favorite sister, Nicole is expecting her first little bundle of love from above in 2 days. She truly is my favorite sister, and not just because she is my only sister. If I had 4....she would be my favorite. I adore her....even if I did push her down the stairs repeatedly as a child and blame it on our lazy old mutt, Lady...I adore her =) Gimme a break..I was 5.

Anywhoo....2 days from now she is expecting her first baby, a little boy. Whom I refer to as "Hobbit" First off, because he is a little man...and secondly his name is going to be weird. I can assure you of that one. Gannon was on the top of the constantly changing list for a few days...It sounded very Lord Of The Rings and Hobbity to me...Calling him Hobbit is better then referring to the baby as "it" or "him" So...he is, and probably will ever be to me...Hobbit. I think it is pretty darn cute =0)

I already have a nephew, Caleb who is 2 1/2 and a niece, Alexandra who is 17 mos ( brother has been busy) But I am so much more excited that my sister is expecting a baby, then I was him. I LOVE Caleb and Ali..I wish I could see them more often.....but Im just saying that there is something about the fact that I get to share the most exciting and remarkable and life changing part of my life with my sister that is just UBER exciting!

I already know that Hobbit is going to be late....because well, he is a boy, and he is her first baby..but mostly, because Hobbit is Nicole's son...and Nicole is NEVER...and I truly mean NEVER on time for anything in her why would little Hobbit be?

So..I know he is due in two days...but here's hoping that Hobbit will be official presented to you in a blog sometime next week. Im thinking...May 2nd. My husbands birthday.
Either that, or the 6th...That was the day Nicole's beloved doggie of 15 years (whom just went to doggie heaven in Feb) was born. God likes little coincidences like that....a God wink if I may put it.

Whenever it is....Hurry up Hobbit~ and be good for your Mommy on your way out....she has been through enough already

Love you already!!

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