Thursday, March 25, 2010

A rock and a hard place

That is where I find myself currently...and it really is annoying!

all because of this...
What has put me here is this damn double stroller that I am in need of. I looked all over for the best one. I wanted one that would hold both the boys, was easy to use, and folded up small. I don't have a lot of storage space left after making room for all the toys, clothes and other miscellaneous crap my family insists on keeping. Seriously, I think Ron might be a hoarder...and the only thing that keeps him from reaching his full potential in that department is my bitching. Hey....whatever works!

Anywho... I found the perfect stroller, at sears and it was on clearance! YAY! But now I question whether it is worth it... I SHOULD have bought it when I saw it, but didn't have the money at the I kept my eye on it to be sure it was still available (both at the local store and online) Well, tax returns came in and I headed on over to one of the local malls to pick it up. Said online that they had 2 in stock. Well, they didn't. So I came home and ordered it online, which also said they had some IN STOCK.

Apparently...Sears doesn't understand the term, because after the delivery date came and went and I still hadn't received the stroller. I called. This is when I discovered that it wasn't actually in stock in the warehouse, but was assured that one of my "local area" stores had one and would be sending it out within the next two days, but it would still be about a week before I receive it.

I'm not happy here, I had already had two situations come up where the stroller was needed, and I was without.

Man apologizes and refunds me my delivery fee. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about the situation.

Well.... that was a week and a half ago, and Ive STILL not revieved the darn thing. So, I called again today. Lady tells me that the store must not have updated the order, but she was sure it was on its way. She was going to send them a "stern" email asking them for an update to be sent to me, however I may not get a response for the next 24 to 48 hours. Seriously?????

Okay, well... could you perhaps tell me where this "local" store is so that I can just skip this last step and go and pick it up? She looks and tells me that the store is in Brooklyn, New York.

Now.. I wasn't the best in geography when I was in school...but I WAS smart enough to know that Brooklyn, NY is no where NEAR Florida...even Jacksonville, FL which is about as far north as you can go in the state. I just laughed and said never mind....What choice do I have, I will wait to get a response and go from there.

At this point I want to tell Sears to take the stroller and shove it where the sun don't shine... the problem is. I STILL want the stroller, It is the style I want, and they are the ones with the cheapest price. I bite the bullet and suffer the crappy delivery situation and maybe I will get the stroller by the time the boys enter kindergarten (the ROCK)


Do I tell Sears to kiss my ass, get my money refunded and start the search process all over again? (the HARD PLACE)

I really really really need this stroller by Thursday. Care to place any wagers? I'm betting on the negative, because although not a pessimist by nature, Ive been dealing with these idiots for a month

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dusty bunnies

Hello old friends!

Is there anyone still out there?!?! (echo echo echo echo)
It has been far far too long....and so very much has happened since my last blog.

For starters.... We moved! Yup, we left good ole' Obama loving democratic filled Michigan and headed south. Mainly, because if we went any more north, we would have ended up in Canada..but mostly because my entire family with the exception of my momma and my lovely (and I truly mean that) in laws are down south...Jacksonville, Florida to be exact.

I came for the summer with the kids...and ended up staying. Hubby packed up the house and tied up all the loose ends there and came 2 months later.

Anywho... we left old Sporkville...sadly leaving many many good friends behind, but at least we are out of our trailer and in an actual house (that is much bigger-gratefully as my children are much bigger as well) Hubby hates it, although he will never admit it... but then again he didnt have to look at the hell holes that I did before coming across this place. We ARE on a budget after all **eyeroll** It isnt a bad house, and you would think for someone going from a trailer they wouldnt be so picky....but apparently Im wrong.
There is one sure fire way to rectify that situation dear honey... Find a job, and we can afford better (wink wink nudge nudge PUNCH SMACK KICK) =0D kiss kiss

Anyways.. I dont have much time for a long blog... and well, I can see that I am just rambling. My main attempt here today was to shake loose all the dust bunnies that have become habitual here in my absence. I think I did pretty good...but in the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday (they are bunnies afterall) I will leave a few stragglers for another day and be back soon to share some more

Peace out

I finished my Easter shopping (well for the basket goodies anyways) and was elated to tell you that I REFUSED to buy even the 8 pack of plastic eggs this year. For 3 days I thought I was actually going to win this battle for ONCE, until I arrived at the new church we are attending and saw an announcment in the bulletin reminding all the families of their annual Easter Egg hunt..."with over 3,000 eggs to hunt for" Someone.....shoot me now

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We've Only Just Begun!!

One year ago today at this very moment I was laying in my hospital room recovering from surgery holding the most beautiful little boy I had ever laid eyes on...and he was ALLL mine!!!!

Happy birthday to you my sweet baby boy Ryan!!!!!
My life is better because I have you in it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's back!

The crud....

Is back. Are you kidding me????

Tonsils are huge, hurt like a son of a gun, my head is full of pressure and with that comes pounding pains. My back hurts, and my chest hurts, espescially when I take a deep breathe. Did I mention that I have a nifty little chill filled fever?

So...dont all jump in at once, but who wants to come tend to Blue Bunny while I attempt to mend far away from him??? Yes it has to be at my house..... Have boob, must stay. He still wont take a bottle of milk.

Do you think the hospital gives adults all the popcicles they want after a tonsilectomy? If so..sign me up yesterday!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

In Due time...


My most favorite sister, Nicole is expecting her first little bundle of love from above in 2 days. She truly is my favorite sister, and not just because she is my only sister. If I had 4....she would be my favorite. I adore her....even if I did push her down the stairs repeatedly as a child and blame it on our lazy old mutt, Lady...I adore her =) Gimme a break..I was 5.

Anywhoo....2 days from now she is expecting her first baby, a little boy. Whom I refer to as "Hobbit" First off, because he is a little man...and secondly his name is going to be weird. I can assure you of that one. Gannon was on the top of the constantly changing list for a few days...It sounded very Lord Of The Rings and Hobbity to me...Calling him Hobbit is better then referring to the baby as "it" or "him" So...he is, and probably will ever be to me...Hobbit. I think it is pretty darn cute =0)

I already have a nephew, Caleb who is 2 1/2 and a niece, Alexandra who is 17 mos ( brother has been busy) But I am so much more excited that my sister is expecting a baby, then I was him. I LOVE Caleb and Ali..I wish I could see them more often.....but Im just saying that there is something about the fact that I get to share the most exciting and remarkable and life changing part of my life with my sister that is just UBER exciting!

I already know that Hobbit is going to be late....because well, he is a boy, and he is her first baby..but mostly, because Hobbit is Nicole's son...and Nicole is NEVER...and I truly mean NEVER on time for anything in her why would little Hobbit be?

So..I know he is due in two days...but here's hoping that Hobbit will be official presented to you in a blog sometime next week. Im thinking...May 2nd. My husbands birthday.
Either that, or the 6th...That was the day Nicole's beloved doggie of 15 years (whom just went to doggie heaven in Feb) was born. God likes little coincidences like that....a God wink if I may put it.

Whenever it is....Hurry up Hobbit~ and be good for your Mommy on your way out....she has been through enough already

Love you already!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Crud (The sequel)

Crud...again. Tis all Im saying. I think I will invest in a pharmaceutical stock... those have GOT to be on the rise. Plus, no matter what. People are always gonna be sick. Especially my family.

Doctor is pretty sure Hailey has the chicken pox. culture the doctor took will be back on Monday. Yes..I know what you are asking...she DID have the vaccine. It is only 99.98% effective in preventing it. Hailey is just special that way I guess.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The things she says!


So darn cute, my little Hailey.

Yesterday she said and did so many things that made me just laugh. She is such a little goof ball!

Two that stand out..

After a diagnosis of Chicken Pox.... She was very scared at this, and got rather upset in the doctors office. I thought it was because she thought she head the doctor say "Im going to get a shot" when in actuality it was..."Im going to get a swab" which we quickly corrected her thinking. So, after the doctor left the room (to get the swab) and she was still scared I probed a little deeper and...I was quite surprised when she revealed it was that she didnt want to turn into a chicken. I laughed so hard I about peed my pants. She was embarrassed when the doctor came back in and I told him what she had said, and he laughed too. I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone..and I didnt. I merely mentioned it in my blog.
So, if you come across her. Dont tell her you know....and if you are her older sister and reading this (Grace...this means you) by all means.. can you please stop making chicken noises at her and chasing here around?
Funny as it may be... I can see where a 5 year old might come up with such a conclusion on their own.

The other funny thing she said... Happened right here at this very computer desk. Hailey was playing on the computer, one of the many sites she enjoys going to...but became frustrated..very loudly so, and I came back here to see what the commotion was about and to make sure she wasnt destroying my computer in the process of her meltdown.
Me: What is the matter Hay?
Hay: NOTHING! I can do it MYSELF!!
Me: Okay..if you need my help let me know
Hay: I DONT!
Me: *deeeep breathe* ( I return to the family room to do what I was before)
2 mins pass........
Hay: (said rather meekly) Mommy...
Me: Yes Hailey?
Hay: Can you help me?
Me: Course
Hay: I cant find the numbers
Me: They are on the top of the keyboard
Me: No problem
2 mins go by, and meltdown begins again.......
Me: Hailey? what is wrong??
Hay: I cant find the number!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Hold on Hailey I will there in a minute....

I walk in to find her VERY frustrated and staring intently at the computer keyboard.

Me: Hailey...what are you looking for?
Hay: MOM!! I cant find it!
Me: Okay! What are you looking for???
Hay: The number 10
I stifle my laughter long enough to try and explain to her that she has to use the numbers 1 and 0 to MAKE the number 10.

Poor little thing....I give her kudos though. She can do more on the computer at age 5 then her grandma can do at age 62