Thursday, April 16, 2009

The things she says!


So darn cute, my little Hailey.

Yesterday she said and did so many things that made me just laugh. She is such a little goof ball!

Two that stand out..

After a diagnosis of Chicken Pox.... She was very scared at this, and got rather upset in the doctors office. I thought it was because she thought she head the doctor say "Im going to get a shot" when in actuality it was..."Im going to get a swab" which we quickly corrected her thinking. So, after the doctor left the room (to get the swab) and she was still scared I probed a little deeper and...I was quite surprised when she revealed it was that she didnt want to turn into a chicken. I laughed so hard I about peed my pants. She was embarrassed when the doctor came back in and I told him what she had said, and he laughed too. I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone..and I didnt. I merely mentioned it in my blog.
So, if you come across her. Dont tell her you know....and if you are her older sister and reading this (Grace...this means you) by all means.. can you please stop making chicken noises at her and chasing here around?
Funny as it may be... I can see where a 5 year old might come up with such a conclusion on their own.

The other funny thing she said... Happened right here at this very computer desk. Hailey was playing on the computer, one of the many sites she enjoys going to...but became frustrated..very loudly so, and I came back here to see what the commotion was about and to make sure she wasnt destroying my computer in the process of her meltdown.
Me: What is the matter Hay?
Hay: NOTHING! I can do it MYSELF!!
Me: Okay..if you need my help let me know
Hay: I DONT!
Me: *deeeep breathe* ( I return to the family room to do what I was before)
2 mins pass........
Hay: (said rather meekly) Mommy...
Me: Yes Hailey?
Hay: Can you help me?
Me: Course
Hay: I cant find the numbers
Me: They are on the top of the keyboard
Me: No problem
2 mins go by, and meltdown begins again.......
Me: Hailey? what is wrong??
Hay: I cant find the number!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Hold on Hailey I will there in a minute....

I walk in to find her VERY frustrated and staring intently at the computer keyboard.

Me: Hailey...what are you looking for?
Hay: MOM!! I cant find it!
Me: Okay! What are you looking for???
Hay: The number 10
I stifle my laughter long enough to try and explain to her that she has to use the numbers 1 and 0 to MAKE the number 10.

Poor little thing....I give her kudos though. She can do more on the computer at age 5 then her grandma can do at age 62

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