Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Bout Time


This is offically my blog....and my attempt at actually keeping a new years goal this year. I dont really see it as a resolution...Im not solving anything...Im attempting to start something. This is more of a goal that I am hopefully will not only be made, but become enjoyable to me and those that read it.
Ive always meant to have an actual blog, and keep up with it at least weekly. At one time I had one on myspace and for awhile I did good. But I didnt like the setup and layout of it and sorta lost the battle with that one. Besides myspace has too much of a fratty, childish, dirty stigma behind it that I dont really care to be part of. I still have the page, I use it constantly to post pictures, anduse it to keep in touch with some folks occasionally.
Ive come to this site numberous times though, and always loved the layouts and abilities of blogger...so I decided with it being free...there wasnt much keeping me from doing the blog except my ambitions and modivation to do so.
Im not smart by any means... I dont see myself as exceptionally articulate. Im barely college educated (and in the process of fixing that) I know what I know because Ive lived and learned from the expierences Ive had in my lifetime.
I have lots of things that cross my mind....some of it is relevant to current issues in the world (politics for example...but I HATE going there) some of it mindless babble that crosses my mind and I feel like chattin bout it.
Today perhaps a mix of both..

First allow me to offically apologize for two things:
1) I realize that I do "......." way too often. Sorry. Ive tried to stop, but I just cant seem to. Those "......" that you are seeing are merely my way of showing you that Ive paused to contemplate my thought...or more so to make sense of it. Seldom do I backspace a sentence...I try to think it through before I put it down. This can be held true to my personality it real life too. I seldom ever take back what I say, because one thing I have learned many hard lessons on. Think before you speak.
2) I realize that blogs are meant to be short and sweet.
Rarely am I ever short..... and although I can be sweet. Im realistic. So accept this or move on.

Okay, now that that is out of the way. I feel I can sorta start my offical blog. 'Bout time eh?

Well. That is going to have to wait for another time (sorry, Im really not trying to tease) I have three kiddos ( I will tell you all about them and our life in Sporkville in my next blog), one of which is barely 3 months old and he has decided it is time to wake up and eat. So for now I bid you adue and hopefully I will see you back here soon!

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