Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me 101

So a little about myself for those of you that dont know me.
Before we go any further...I feel the need to put in a note that I am not the most articulate person ( I pointed this out yesterday-remember?)because of this, I often times find it hard to show you in my writing that I am an extremely sarcastic person. My wit truly astounds me-and others =0)
Sooo, on that note, if you read something that seems saucy, or stupid or offensive. Im not being that way. You just didnt understand me. Im currently trying to find the right font to display sarcasm -short of [INSERT SARCASTIC TONE HERE], but I fear there just isnt one in exsistance. Georgia is just to bubbly and no one can read wingbat. Does anyone else have this issue?

The Basics...
my given name is Sabrina, but only to a handful of people. My family has an entirely different name for me-Beej (long story) My bestest friend forever calls me Bri, as do a majority of other folks in my life. Another large group refer to me as Wiggie as well (another long story)A small and select number of people call me Mommy-their friends call Mrs DeWitt. I answer to them all. So take your pick and give me a hollar!

Im married. To Ron...weve been together for almost 10 years...which seems strange to me that it has been that long....but time doesnt lie. It is just that at 28 years old, it seems impossible. marriage is NOT bliss, and it has been hard work. We have had our ups and downs, we've lived the 'for richer' moments and are currently living the 'for poorer' moments. Id like the richer moments back, they were easier. We've done the sickness and in health thing...more him for me than I him...but, we've made it this far...God's grace and mercy are definately deeply woven in our marriage. Despite whether or not Ron realizes that, or at that particular moment in time I remember that.

Im a Momma. God has blessed me with three precious, precious little pieces of heaven. I have two little girls. Gracie JUST turned 8 and Hailey is 5 1/2. Im also the Mommy to a beautiful little baby boy named Ryan who recently joined and completed our family on October 1st,2008.

Im a sister to two brothers-one older, one younger, A a sister to a sister -who is slightly older, and slightly shorter then me. I loved growing up with so many siblings (although Ive said differently) Our family was the perfect size...and we truly had like the PERFECT childhood. Kudos to my parents on that one! My entire family, with the exception of my mom live in Florida...we dont. I miss them, espescially my dad and my sister.

We currently live in Midland Michigan. There isnt much to say about that one. Nothing goes on here. There is nothing to do here. We have a tridge as opposed to plain ole bridges (the tridge is just three bridges that meet in the middle-wow!) The weather is freakin cold in the winter and freakin hot in the summer. Downtown main street is truly called Main Street- how quaint, I know. Complete with the brick courthouse and a little Santa house next to it... which is georgeous!!! This "little house" is like 3 stories tall, it has a clock tower with doors that open up and little elves come out every hour on the hour to the one of many different Christmas tunes playing on the clock bells in the background. Awsome enough to be featured on Good Morning America last year. Our Santa is even recognized as the offical Santa of the world....I know I know, I have goosebumps too.

Oh yeah...and just for kicks. We have a cat named Bob. Bob Smith aka: Bobbers aka: Bob Smitty the super fat kitty aka: pain in the rump. He is fat....and I mean FAT. Like obese to the point that he makes Garfield look anorexic. Seriously....we have to ration his food, because he will eat himself into a coma if we allowed it. But rationing his food has its downfalls. he meows for food all day long, and I believe if he werent so fat....he would jump up onto of the dryer and pry open his food container (IF he had posable thumbs that is) and help himself....but he is too fat.
One final note on Bob Smitty- The Super Fat Kitty. He likes to lick the top of the baby's head. I havent decided yet if this is okay or not. Neither has Ryan.
So... that is the basics of me. If youve read this far.....thanks. I realize that Im about as exciting as Midland, Michigan is.....and that pretty much says it all.

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  1. you should submit the cat question to all of those way too serious parent advice things.... could make for some hilarious results of overreacting.

    i'd say, its probably a good sign that kitty feels the need to groom him... poor kitty will have the kiddie after him soon enough, let him have his time at a mobility advantage... before ryan starts chasing after him and grabbing tail when he's close enough to try.