Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are you missing a little girl???

My girls have a new little friend and favorite play date pal that goes by the name of Ida.I dont know where she came from, I don't know how old she is because the girls have never said, she isn't listed on their school list, so I'm not even sure of what grade she is in. However I'm guessing that she is somewhere around their age because wherever they are, she is too..enjoying their toys and their games and the same food that they are.
I have to add on a side note here that a blog with no picture just doesn't seem like a complete blog....But, unfortunately I have no picture of Ida Know to share with you.
She is here everyday in our house, and seems to have become quite a dear little friend to my girls and I fear she has also become quite the bad influence on them as well. Although quiet (by far the quietest little girl I have ever seen) she is messy and lazy, rude and has become a down right pain in my butt.
Now first off let me say that I like most all children until they reach the age of adolescence, and even then I still like them, I just dont like the attitude and behavior that tends to tag along with them at this age...I have truly formed a dislike toward little Ida though and I just don't know how to fix it.
Ive had other mommy friends tell me that Ida plays with their kids as well....and they have the same issues. For example yesterday I walked into the living room to find someone had managed to leave little kissy marks all over my plasma TV screen. I asked who did it and both the girls said..."Ida Know." Alas, Ida was no where to be found and I got stuck cleaning up the mess.

On Saturday I made Chocolate chip cookies and had a plate cooling on the table. When I came back from nursing the baby, there was 2 cookies missing and crumbs all over the table and floor. Again, I asked the girls who ate the cookies without asking AND who didn't use a plate or napkin and created such a mess on my kitchen floors? Grace looked up at me shocked that someone would do such a thing to my freshly scrubbed kitchen, wiped the crumbs off the side of her still moist lips and simply stated "Ida Know Mom. Sorry"... Hailey looked down at the floor and said quietly "Ida know." Yet again....Ida was nowhere to be found when it came time for punishment.

Whenever the girls get a crazy and stupid idea and it results in a broken lamp, or in reference to our most recent experience, a broken arm.... I always say, Who told you cats like showers? Who said that silly putty was safe to put in your hair? Whose idea was it to climb in the stuffed animal net to see if it could hold all 60plus pounds of you?(this is the one that resulted in the broken arm) Whose idea was it to play superheros in the living room and use the end tables as your launching pad? Who thought the toilet made the perfect jacuzzi for your Barbies? It doesn't matter who really. The answer is always the same. Ida Know.

So....I'm making this official public announcement here and now.
WHOMEVER is the parent of one quiet, mischievous and imperceptible little girl by the name of Ida Know. Please..puuhhleeease return immediately to my house to pick up your child before I toss her out on her hiney to the curb, that is when I find where she has run off and hid. Time to move on and find another unknowing family to release her upon. Try teaching her some manners and responsibility for her actions. Time outs and early bedtimes are great punishments that always work great on my kids...and if that doesn't work. I take their computer or TV time away. Please also know that I'm sorry and my prayers, and sympathy are with you.


  1. "Who said that silly putty was safe to put in your hair? "

    poor boo... the only child has a lack of scapegoats..

  2. lol...I totally forgot about Boo and the silly putty!

    We had that issue a few weeks ago. luckily it came right out with a couple hard pulls and twice as many screams of suffering ;0)

  3. ida know what ya'll are talkin about. my child is a perfect angel. ;-)