Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Greed We Trust


I was talking with a friend yesterday....who was quite perturbed to find out that she ended up owing the goverment on her taxes this year. Why? Because of those lovely little stimulus checks that were sent out last year. They originally said that they wouldnt ask us for the money back later on.....but apparently they lied.
So now, my friend is stuck forking out the 400 dollars she owes the goverment. She had a tax credit of 1200, but after the goverment deducted the 1600 dollar stimulus check that was forced upon her last year...she was at a negative of 400 dollars. I, personally dont like it one little bit. It doesnt seem fair at all. She however, really doesnt like it.

This leads me to realize that there is a very grey area when it comes to the whole seperation of church and state thing. I know... going from whining about stimulus checks, and tax returns to seperation of church and state is a big jump...but for me it isnt so big...because it all really boils down to this.
I dont want them connected, because I dont want them compared. Plain and simple.

While I would truly love for Christ to be present in schools and public places, I know that there really isnt anything or anyone that can stop that from happening. We are actually protected by our governed laws that allow us the freedom to liveout our religious beliefs however we see fit, wherever we see fit. Minus human sacrafice and the obvious others of course. If we want to pray before we eat our meals...then we can pray. If we want to raise our hands and sing praises to God in the middle of the school football field...then we can. We can talk about God and our beliefs, no one is stopping us. We just need to be proud enough to do so. As for teachers not being able to do so...well, they werent hired to teach our children about Christian morals, Biblical truths and whatnot. that is OUR job as their parents.And if we do want that included in our children's education...there are schools where we can have that happen. We are their most important teacher anyways....all the experts say that. So shouldnt we be the ones to be teaching them about the most important things??!?

Here is where I like the seperation of church and state. The goverment...despite the whole "in God we trust" a far cry from the idealistic christian way of thinking and living.
Barack Obama is passing a bill once again to allow stem cell ressearch,along with making abortion more accessible and easier, despite the fact that it is indeed murder-the ultimate crime.(p.s. to that, did I mention that we the tax payers will be paying for some of these abortions and alot of this research...cause we are) He is recanting on promises made and he hasnt even been in office a full two weeks.
And again I bring up once again my friends tax woes. Because of something that goverment forced on her last year due to our economic status, yet promised us at the same time this would help our situation and they werent expecting repayment....she is now suffering, because they recanted and lied.
Can I just say..... What the heck?!?! Obviously those stimulus checks were a huge waste of money and time. Because ummmm, you cant say that if fixed our economic situation. All it seemed to have done was provide all the poor folks with basically free plasma TVs and Playstation3s. Perhaps a down payment on a new car for some middle class folks, and the rich folks.....wellllll... We cant really say they were left empty handed. They just sorta missed the ice cream truck on that one at best...but went home and pulled a carton of their favorite frozen treat from their fancy subzero fridges. If you follow my loose analogy there....No one suffered, but the American goverment sure was left looking pretty darn stupid in my humble opinion.

Seperation of Church and state is good. I dont want something that is corrupt, full of lies, idiotic, selfish and hypocritical compared to my God.
Go ahead and keep the seperation of church and state.....cause God obviously isnt in this goverment system anyways.

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  1. actually, it would be kinda nice if they stayed out of most everything. but, never seems to happen. i'd hate to be a teacher trying to explain "free market" system to kids right now.