Thursday, February 19, 2009

A reminder...

As I sat here holding my healthy ,my happy, my beautiful, my growing, my giggling, my joy giving, my uplifting, my energetic little boy I came across a reminder.

We always hear what a blessing our children are...and honestly we all too often let that comment enter our minds... then we smile and quickly move on with our day without letting it really effect us.. These comments dont change us despite the power their truths hold, and neither does our obstinate belief that our children, our little blessings that God breathed His very own breath on.... will forever be with us.

A line from this video really stuck in my head...

At Eliot's funeral they released 99 balloons. One for each day of his life. Upon seeing this his father commented...
"How beautiful it was to watch, how quickly they were gone"

I DARE a parent to watch this video and not be changed

Fair warning here. I am not an emotional person. I like to describe myself as emotionally constipated. I dont cry....well, I didnt....until I watch this. Grab your the video, then go grab your baby!



    random yet maybe useful link.

  2. That is awsome Blue!
    Where do you find this stuff!!!