Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where we are now...

Although Im not a follower of the NFL ( I concentrate on the college league..namely the Gators) I was home alone on Sunday evening...well, the kids were in bed and hubby was out with friends..and I gave it to watching the Super Bowl, mainly just the commercials.

Anyone else notice a change? The Super Bowl is known for the commercials they air during their event. Companies flock and fight for spots and are by general rule-completely full by Thanksgiving at the latest (not this year, this year there were 4 spots left yet to be filled as of last week) These commercials are elaborate over the top ads that people talk about and rave about for weeks. They are usually full of hot chics, fancy cars, dream lifestyles, famous people etc etc yadda yadda ya. You know the ones I am talking about. Not this year though. This year was quite different. There were some of the usual ones that you would expect (i.e. the Clydesdale Budweiser horse)but otherwise completely different then what we are used to and expect. There was an overall theme surrounding these unexpected ads as well- Our economic state. If there is any indication as to our current economic status and where we are now, it is blantantly obvious if you watched the commercials. First there was a commercial for some car company (I dont recall exactly which one it was..but it was one of em) and they showed a car speeding down winding roads while the announcer told us that they understood the times we are living through, and that is was okay to buy a car from THEIR company...because if we lost our job within a year of making the purchase- we can return the vehicle no questions asked with no fees.

The next commercial was Denny's Restaurant....Today only from 10am until 2pm you can get a FREE Grand Slam breakfast. Hmm...kinda like a one day only nationwide chained soup kitchen, eh?I think I'll be gettin me some pancakes for breakfast...heck, maybe even lunch!

There was one for Avon...and it was full of happy women selling Avon telling us how they cant lose their jobs because they are their own bosses.

My favorite commercial though was the one that featured Ed McMahon and McHammer. Sponsored by a company called Cash4Gold. Cash4Gold's commercials are usually best seen during raunchy sitcoms, Talk Shows and between the 2 am airings of the Girls Gone Wild infomercials. This time it was during the much sought after spots during the Superbowl (I wonder if CBS offered Cash4Gold a special last minute deal...they did after all have those last 4 spots to fill) Anyways, sweet little Ed McMahon has been featured in the past during SuperBowls knocking on peoples door, LIVE to present them with a check from Publishers Clearing House for several millions of dollars. Not this year though. Nope, this year Ed was stuffing some of his diamond rimmed gold cuff links into an envelope and sending it in to Cash4Gold for "much needed money". MC Hammer was sending in his gold records....even his coveted gold hammer pants.

That last commercial I just mention is the most accurate portrayal of our countrys current economic situation that I have seen in months. I only hope and pray the writers and actors of Saturday Night Live saw it as well! ;0)

Wanna see the video of the commercial?


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  1. i think i'm avoiding the pancakes.... dennys already seems to have a waiting line even on normal days... i'd be scared to ask the expected wait today.