Saturday, March 14, 2009


If you plan on coming around my family anytime soon...You may want to rethink that idea.

I'm living in a crud cesspool. I have spent so much time in the last month at the doctor's office it is pathetic. Seriously, I think Im personally putting his children through college. I'll start at the very beginning ( a very good place to la alaaaa laaaa)

It all started about 4 weeks ago with the insesent sniffles from my 5 year old..followed by a fever, which she rarely ever gets. I decided to take her into the doctor and get her checked out. Called the docs to make an appointment and discovered his office was closed for the day due to the fact that he is the only one in the office and he decided to take a vacation. Sooo, off to the local urgent care walk in clinic known locally as Redi Med. She was seen by one of the two doctors in the clinic and it was decided that it was just one of the many viruses going around and with fluids, rest and some Ibuprophen and/or Tylenol she would be fine in a few days.
Two days later, I ended up back in the clinic with the baby, Ryan. He was unconsolible which was extremely abnormal for him. He is such a happy baby, and rarely ever fusses unless he is tired, hungry or muddy (in other words..poopy) The sure fire sign it was time to take him in was the mild fever that finally hit, and the fact that he screaaaamed bloody murder when I went to clean his ears after a bath and whenever I laid him down when he fell asleep. So, again I found myself at the clinic after a phone call to the family doctor's office went unanswered due to the fact that he was STILL on vacation (Im getting annoyed)

Ryan was Diagnosed with an ear infection and was put on amoxicillin and sent home with a note to see the family doctor in 10 days.

2 days later, Hailey shares her "virus" with baby Ryan (as if he isnt suffering enough already)

7 days later.....Hailey shares her "virus" with mommy (I reference back 3 blogs)

10 days later,(this would be Monday the 9th) Mommy is still sick. We were actually able to get Ryan in to see the family doctor for a recheck on his ear infection.The virus Hailey had shared with him was short lived and he shows no more signs of it being present. The ear infection is still healing, and with the last few doses of his pink junk he should be good as new. YAY! By this time...Hailey has completely recovered from her virus as well. still suffering. UGH
Now....Thursday rolls along. All is well health wise (cept Mommy of course who is STILL suffering) THEN, the phone rings and the girls' school shows up on the caller ID.........
Ruh roh Raggy!
"Hi, this is Shirley. Is this Hailey's Mommy?"
Yes, it is.
"Well, I have Hailey in the office. We are pretty certian she has pink eye"
Oh boy. I'll be right there.

So timing was perfect. I had just fed Ryan so he should be good to go for at least 2 hours. I went and picked my pink eyed little lady up from school and decided to call the family doctor's office right from the parking lot as his office is directly across the street from the kids' school.

"Hello. Dr. NeverIns office. How can I help you?"
Hi, I just picked Hailey up from school, they are pretty sure it is pink eye. Can I quick pop in so she can get a prescription.
"Doctor is ALL busy today. No empty spots."
But it wouldnt be anything major..just a quick peek. Isnt there any way at all?
"Nope. you are going to have to take her to urgent care"
Well, I suppose I can just bring her in tomorrow. Let's just make an appt for tomorrow then.
"Well, Dr is out of the office tomorrow. He is going on a weekend vacation."

Suuurrrprise, Surrprrise Surprise.

So, back to Redi Med we go. We walked in and the place was packed! We got the last chair in the waiting room. When I approached the window and inquired about the wait time I was told "ohh, bout an hour. Tops"

Okay, I can do that. Ryan should be good for at least another hour and a half. Hailey and I waited a good hour and 40 minutes. By this time, the waiting room was so full, people were standing along the walls. I called to check on Ryan and was told by my husband that he was very fussy and he couldnt quiet him. Much to my dissmay the process to get back to exam room was taking entirely too long and that was just to get into the room. That wasnt including the wait once you were IN the room to see the doctor. I knew I was going to have to leave and come back later. The receptionist was rather irritated when I asked her to pull Hailey's file (still three away from being called back, FYI) I told her the situation and that I would return. Which I did, 4 hours later.

When we returned later on in the evening it was much slower and I decided while I was there and they werent busy, I would have myself seen as well. As the virus that Hailey and Ryan had came and went in a week. I was on week two and it wasnt getting better. We waited about 30 minutes and were taken back to the examination room together. The nurse took our vitals and discovered that Hailey had a temperature of 100.0F. Well, that is odd...Ive never heard of pink eye causing a temperature before I thought to myself.

Doctor came into the room and went about examining Hailey where he decided that she probably most likely had the starts of pink eye due to what he was seeing, but mainly because of the repeated exposure she was having in her kindergarten class. However, he thought there was more to it then that and decided to do a strep test (that is going around her classroom as well) Quite surprised the test came back positive! So now, no only do I have pink eye to fend off myself and the rest of the family, but we have strep to contend with as well. Oh joy!

Then he came to me..... and he said "My dear...You have what I like to call, 'crud'."
Uhm. Okay, can you be a bit more specific with that, please.
"You have a double ear infection, a sinus infection and tonsilitis."
Oh. Well, that would explain why Im not getting better.
We left the office with no less then 7 perscriptions between the two of us. Four for me, and 3 for Hailey.

Hailey stayed home from school yesterday, because she was still considered contagious. We spent the morning watching the weekday cartoons that she misses due to being in school, coloring in our coloring books, reading her Junie B Jones book and just snuggling. Then as we prepared to go out and run some errands that wouldnt wait despite having contagious child home sick from school, the phone rang.....again. It was the school, and it was Grace in the office with a sore throat.
OYE VA!!!!
You know, it is really really pathetic when you go in to a walk in medical care clinic and they know your face and name. Pathetic I tell ya.Well, if it is the same doctor as last night..then he should be willing to give a prescription just on the merit of our issues, and hopefully on sympathy for me as well. Long story short, it was a different doctor (that would be my luck) She was tested and doesnt have strep...She has enlarged tonsils that are slightly red, but Im think mainly just jealousy at Hailey staying home (most likely), and perhaps some allergies thrown in.

So....I think Id like to find a Lysol Bomb and use it on this peatree dish of a house. Until might want to stay away, or wear a mask and rubber gloves if you come in contact with my children.


  1. no offense.... but this is one time i think im glad we live so far away. lol