Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Randomness at its best


What is running through my mind at this moment in time (scary place to enter I know, but really not so bad once you are there)

1) I wants me a Flip camera, particularly this one
I WANNNNT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Ryan needs a bigger swing. He LOVES to swing and is fast outgrowing his current model, which is just the standard swing Ive featured on here in the past. I dont want a super expensive one, I just want one that has a bigger seat and goes heavier then 22 lbs. Any ideas?

3) I lovvvve my Dyson vacuum. The one vacuum that hasnt failed me. No, my love for this Dyson is not fickle, it is deep rooted. It is as wide a love as the cost of the vacuum was deep. Yeah, I paid $500 for a vacuum, but this a Dyson and it was WORTH it! I will never, never again purchase any other model.

4) Im so grateful the weather warmed up. Hubby pulled out the grill last night and made some BBQ chicken. There is nothing like fire grilled BBQ chicken to signify spring has sprung. At least this is true for my family.

5)With the warmer weather the kids are outside more. They are such good little ones about playing outside, and living in a trailer park I find myself a bit more protective then I would in a classier neighborhood. I dont let them go in anyones house except 1, my lovely neighbor Brigette's...but that doesnt happen often. Trailers are small...mine is small with 3 kids in it, but hers is even smaller (plus her mom works 3rd shift and sleeps during the day) This leaves the kids to be outside and trying to find something to do.... When they were younger..like 4 through 6 this wasnt an issue. We have a swing set..a traditional metal one. It was great when they were that age. They played on it for hours. Not now though. No, now they are almost 6, 8 and 9...there is the baby to consider now (which currently has no place to hang his swing) We NEED a new swing set. I want this one...minus the strange man and the picturesque mountain backgroundHowever, theirs will not include the sandbox below the clubhouse. I have enough dirt to contend with. They can find something else to do with this spot. Oh yeah... theirs wont include all these similing children. Im full up! They can find a new play feature to attach themseleves to. While on the topic of this swing set and other people's children.... I have to ask.... Would it be rude of me to only allow certain children on this swing set? I.E. My own, and a select handful of pre-approved others. I don't like the other neighborhood children. They dress like thugs, lack adult supervision, play with toy guns, use swear words in the appropriate context,they like to be destructive of other people's properties, One of them stole a Littlest Pet Shop kitty cat from Hailey last year, they probably know how to roll a joint if need be and to top it ALL off....I'm pretty sure....their parents voted for Obama, based on his chocolate milk in the drinking fountain juvenile campaign promises. (I'm just kidding...I would never say that, it was kool-aid =0P)

6) My neighbor...who is currently banging on his door to be let in (he does this EVERY time he comes home) needs to invest in a pair of house keys and figure out SOME way to not loose them. Perhaps a good suggestion would be to leave they by his smokes, or his chewing tobacco...maybe set them down by his Natural Light beer cases. He never has a problem finding those items it seems. P.S. He needs a belt, well more so a drawstring on his sweats. Im sick of looking out my window to find him...head stuck inside the hood of his car, with his butt hanging halfway out his grease covered sweat pants....

If you'll excuse me..I feel the need to vomit, and then go poke my minds eye out.


  1. 1. if you get a flip, go to amazon and get the underwater case so you can shoot underwater

    2. that pic is so poorly done it funny. sheesh, even i can photoshop perspectives better than that.

  2. I saw the underwater case... I wonder how well it actually works though. It looks like an elaborate ziploc baggie IMHO

    I know, pathetic isnt it? They should have just taken a regular backyard scene as a backdrop. Why not place it in front of Mt Rushmore for pete's sake! **eyeroll**

  3. its hard plastic, not like soft baggie-ish types they have for regular cameras... then has little buttons that you push that push into the buttons on the actual camera built just for the flips... though i'd test it in the sink first... looks like have been a few random reports of leaking.