Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plastic Eggs..

Plastic eggs and Paradise. The explanation I'm sure you've all waited for.
Spring officially will be sprung tomorrow morning at 7:44am EST. With spring comes warmer weather (in Michigan this is an eventual happening that rarely ever coincides with the actual start of spring, more so a month later) With spring comes Easter. I love Easter Sunday church service, the children are all adorned in their traditional little Easter attire and toting the stuffed bunnies and critters that the Easter Bunny left in their baskets. The girls have on shiny unscuffed white Patten leather Mary-Janes, some of them are carrying tiny little matching purses with their little Lip Smackers lip gloss safely secured within. The boys look sharp in the pastel colored dress shirts and neck ties, It is just an around precious little site! I seriously think I can feel Jesus smile at the site of children in their Easter morning church services. (cheesy? I know..but tis truly how I feel)
With Easter comes one of my most dreaded nasty little nemesis'....the plastic egg. I HATE THEM! I swear...People say that bunnies reproduce faster then we can blink, but I firmly believe they must hatch out of these plastic eggs. We all know eggs cant reproduce themselves, but somehow I always wind up with an overload of these darn things in my house. That is the only logical explanation that I can come up with.
Why do I dislike them so? Well, first I just mentioned the mere number of them I wind up with. I know, I know what you are thinking. If you don't like them...then don't buy any. But, what Easter basket is complete without at least a couple of these stuffed within? I buy, ONE 8 pack a year. No more, no less. It doesn't matter though. I start out with 8, and I end up with 39.
It takes me ALLLLL year to hunt down and destroy the 39. I'm fairly certain that I JUST threw away numbers 38 and 39 last week when I gave the girls room its quarterly annual major cleaning. This will give me 3 glorious plastic egg free weeks, before I start the war once again.
Those plastic eggs, are painful. How can a rounded object be sharp at the same time? Ive asked myself this question while applying many a band-aids. The answer lies in two ways. One would be the lip in the middle that holds the two pieces together. Someone (usually Hailey or myself) get sliced by part of this every year. The other way, and usually the way hubby ends up bleeding as a result is when they get stepped on and they crack and break into several sharp little slivers of plastic death that like to embed themselves in the bottom of the foot, or in the knee, and the ever so embarrassing hinney cheek or whatever other part of the body comes in contact with them.
The annual Easter Egg hunt. I have my own, this particular one doesn't include the children though. The girls don't get left out of the fun despite the fact that I don't include them on mine, they always end up participating in several. I help organize them at church, I do my best to find the perfect spot to hide the eggs. I enjoy watching them run around excitedly looking for the eggs. I just wish the eggs stayed at church.
My egg hunt isn't as fun. I swear, these little oval shaped villains are shifty and move on you, because I can never seem to find them all. Perhaps next year I will just place them all on the ground at church and tell them all to go hide themselves, because they do a far better job of hiding on their own then I do of finding a spot for them.

Long story short...I may temporarily win the yearly battle against these darn things, but I'm doubtful I will ever win the war. I'm sadly outnumbered by at least 1 to 39.

The Paradise.... I guess I will save that part for another day and another blog

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