Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Little Southpaw

So Gracie is left handed...

This has never been an issue until today...8 1/2 long years into her life. The fact that she is a lefty is of no surprise to neither myself or my husband, both left handed. Her older brother, Earl is left handed as well. Her maternal grandmother was born a lefty until she was forced to become right handed back in the 50s (a common occurance back then) and she has several family members on her paternal side that are all left handed folks as well.
When Gracie was 2 and 3 we thought it was precious that she was left handed just like the rest of her immediate family. When Grace was 4 and started kindergarten, there were no issues. She used sissors just fine, she held her pencil correctly and wrote legibly enough for a kindergartener. Nooooo being left handed was nothing we even really thought about anymore. Until last month when I sighed her up for her first ever season of softball.
The same day I signed my little southpaw up for softball, I signed her right handed little sister up for Teeball. The next day I went out to purchase the equipment listed that they would need and/or recommended.
  • Hats and shirts will be provided by the teams and their costs were included in registration fees. Sweet.
  • A water bottle. Check and check. Ive seen loads and I plan on taking them out and letting them pick their own out shortly before the actual season begins in a few weeks.
  • Ball pants. No problem! They ALL wear white and they were available for purchase the night I registered them, so I went ahead and got them.
  • A bat was recommended for practice purposes but not required. Naaah... I dont need anymore weapons in this house. sticks and stones may break and scratch but bats cause concussions.
  • A helmet is required for all players when batting. This will be provided by team, but you may purchase your own if desired. Ohh I desire! Ive been done down that lice road and I made sure to do my best to burn that bridge after I crossed it! Helmets are readily available at many stores as well, in pinks and purples and girlie prints, and as soon as I have their little heads with me to size..we will be purchasing one each of those as well.
  • A glove. This is a requirement for all players...and THIS is where all hell has broken loose.

I found adorable little gloves at our local KMart that are pink and purple..they even light up! What is a little girl NOT to loooove about that? I grabbed one for Hailey. I then found one that was light pink and dark pink slightly bigger for Gracie. It was the last one AND it was on sale. Great! Gracie loves pink! This will be great.

I was wrong. I got home and she went to put the glove on...and that is when it occur ed to me...Ohhhhhh, she needs a left handed glove (for those that are lost here, that means the glove it to be worn on the right hand leaving their left one open for throwing the ball) Do you think any store in this town would have a left handed glove? All of them except one didn't carry them. I found a left handed glove at Duhnams Sporting goods. The local sports specialty store. Specialty would mean that they charge more then usual. Poor Gracie is stuck with a glove that is black and barely pink trimmed. It doesn't light up AND it wasn't on sale.

Why must my little girl miss out on the cute little pink and purple gloves JUST because she is left handed. Poor little southpaw. The injustice of it all. Land of equal opportunity, but only if you fit the mold folks!

At least the batting helmet is pink, right?


  1. you might let her try both... i know a lot of players use different hands than expected for batting and throwing.

  2. i'm shocked that i didn't hear the wailing and distress all the way over here! i'm also shocked she's even willing to still play ball! =0) it does suck and it is unfair.

  3. lol..she was pissed, as expected. She gave me the silent Im not happy death stare, as opposed to her usual outburst. That would be why you didnt hear her reaction ;0)