Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pocket full of..Posies??

Why do my baby's pants have pockets?

What do the designers of these outfits think they will be needing them for?

His wallet? His checkbook? Perhaps his cell phone? Maybe they think they will be useful for a handful of cheerios in case he gets hungry along the way.
Maybe they think he will want a safe place to tuck away his pacifier until he has the urge to use it.
Any ideas on this?
The only useful infant pants with pockets that I could come across (I googled FYI) were these ones..

A United States Patent 7089598 (no picture to share...sorry) followed by a definition for patent purposes...
An apparatus for infant pants having knee pads permanently or removably mounted to an inner surface of the pants or to an infant pants inner liner. The infant pants or pants liner have internal pocket panels that extend substantially horizontally from seam to seam and are sewn by vertical, substantially parallel stitching to define generally rectangular pad pockets of desired dimensions with upwardly facing pocket openings. The pockets have retainer panels to secure a replaceable protective pad within the pad pocket. The pants have replaceable protective knee pads that are removably contained within the internal knee pockets to provide protection for crawling infants against bruises and abrasion of the knees during crawling activity.

There is a pocket, I'm sure my infant son would find useful as well. Until then, at least we know where to keep his little baby wallet. Now, if I could only find an infant wallet
Credit goes to Brigette, for bringing up such a blog worthy question =0)


  1. to start putting staining things in for you to not check (not thinking about it after a major diaper failure) and have all over your entire load of laundry. so then you have to buy more clothes to replace, thus giving them more profit.

  2. So it is a conspiracy with babies all over the world lol