Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is inevitable...

It is inevitable.. bound to happen and there is no way I can get around it.

Grace is going to tick me off. That is a given on any day, but today specifically because along with everything else.....

It is inevitable, that they will not only destroy my house.....

It is also inevitable that I will run out of patience LONG before the day runs out of time, That the dishes will go undone until the wee hours of the morning tomorrow BEFORE they awaken for the day, the laundry will yet again remain unfolded and not put away.

It will happen that I will not get a chance to take a shower until 1am in the morning when EVERYONE is sleeping except me because I just finished eating my dinner....that I cooked 5 hours early and fed to everyone else.

It will happen that Grace will somehow find a way to antagonize the snot out of Hailey to the point that Hailey (a normally very patient child) will blow her top and yell, resulting in Ryan being awakened from his nap early and screaming. It will happen.

It is expected that they will NOT clean their room the way I asked them and I will find dirty clothes shoved in the back of their drawers when I go to put their clean clothes away (if I ever get around to fold it that is)

I will have a headache by noon. Unless of course it just decides to stick around from the day before.

They will be bored. They will have absolutely nothing to do. Even though we have over 100 cable channels 7 of which are exclusively aimed towards children 24 hours a day. We have the Internet with endless possibilities for entertainment. They have a HUGE collection of very expensive toys in their bedroom that they only 3 months ago INSISTED they would DIE if they didn't have in their possession. They have bikes and scooters and a swing set to play on outside. Not to mention friends out there to play with as well.

It is inevitable...because it is spring break, because it is April, because it is the 1st Tuesday of the month and the full moon was in the sky for 14.6 hours the other night, because she is wearing blue today, and I am wearing pink. Because I said so, or just because. Because I am Eight and eight-twelfths. Because she is 5 and three quarters. Because I feel like it. Because I don't feel like it. Because I can.

It is inevitable because she woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I think I'm going to move her bed away from the wall.

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